Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all school visits have been cancelled. We will be hosting groups again as soon as it is safe to do so – watch this space…

On Wednesdays and Thursdays during the academic year we offer tours for school groups. Session run between 9.30am – 11.30am and cost £4 per child.

Our Tours offer a completely immersive experience for the children using exhibits, constructed room scenes and interactive features. We explore key Themes such as – Evacuation, Blackout, The Blitz, D-Day, V-E Day.

As well as the underground tour we also have a wartime themed classroom where pupils take part in an interactive workshop led by our very own wartime veterans. Pupils will get to handle wartime objects and hear wartime stories from those who were there. There is also a very special themed photo booth with dressing up provided. Each child will also receive a worksheet, sticker and a certificate of their visit.

To book a schools session, click here.

What other schools have said :

“There was so much fun stuff to look at, it was awesome” Olivia

“We sat on the same benches that actual evacuees sat on” Erin

“It was very interesting to think how it would have been for the children who had to go there” Karola

“The talk by Mr Gooders about his and his little brother’s experience of being evacuees in Brighton was funny and moving and really engaged the kids. They were agog when he explained how his future wife was saved from being straifed by a Messerschmitt in the nearby Blakers Park.”

Paul Hendrick, local businessman & former governor at St Luke’s Primary School